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Back in the Saddle Again

February 23, 2009

Seems strange, I started this blog and then I went on vacation. I haven’t had internet access in months. Well, thank goodness for English speakers at NTT Japan!!!! I am now connected to the world wide web!!! Harreruah!

Recent updates…I’ve moved to Tokyo and I’m living in the Big Mikan. At first I was a bit thrown off. I think I was more receptive when I lived in Hiroshima. Now, I’m a bit jaded. So I’m not as open as I used to be. But I’m working on that.

This past weekend was great. I went dancing at! Great party! Wonderful vibe!

I arrived at the party around 11 and didn’t leave ’til 6AM. I have to say, there are a lot of underground house scenes, but the real underground is in Chicago. It’s the birth of house, but they get no love. People are enamored with New York and the UK. They are okay, but in Chicago, house is akin to church. Folks are straight gully!

At my first house party, I remember seeing this 250lb. black guy in a bright red, three piece suit. This brother was standing there with a mohawk and pumping the speaker. I had never seen anything like it. When I think of house, I think of letting errythang go! Everything, tension, stress, pain, anguish and this past Saturday, DJ Hiromi 2 played a cut that sent me to the basement parties of Chicago. I was screaming and yelling and jumping up and down. Man it felt good! Some people think, oh, that’s just a religious experience, but the house I know that’s the deal baby. Screw your face up and get ugly! Don’t wear heels! Unless you don’t plan to groove!

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