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How Do You Mix Family with Business?

November 1, 2009

I recently finished reading Ziglar on Selling, by none other than Zig Ziglar. Towards the end of the book, he dedicated a chapter to family. He talked about the importance of establishing and maintaining strong family ties.  He gave ideas on family buy in? If you’re a salesperson and spend 200 days a year traveling, how do you get your family to support you? How do you keep your spouse from leaving you? What to do?

Earlier this month I went to hear Terrie Lloyd speak.  Terrie is the owner of Linc Media. In other words, he owns Metropolis Magazine and Kansai Scene, both are geared towards the English-speaking community in Japan. At the beginning of Terrie’s talk, he discussed family. He shared his own personal struggles and talked about the importance of being on the same team. Terrie spoke quite a bit about establishing rules before you engage in any type of relationship, but he emphasized the need to that in a marriage.  As an entrepreneur it’s great to have this bit of knowledge going into things.  I don’t know if Terrie had this foresight in the beginning, but to me this was a real measure of his business acumen.

You know, I find it interesting how the more money you make, the more important family becomes. Some movie stars have bastardized marriage and show people hopping from one to the next. But truly wealthy people hold onto family. Think about Johnson & Johnson and Proctor & Gamble. They are empires built by the hands of  family members.   In our quest to become one of the Fortune 500 let’s not forget how we got to where we are today.

Future wealth creator of the world, please check off the things you are doing to mix family and business:

  • calling once a day to give an update
  • informing family members of your schedule so they know when is the best time to meet you
  • finding creative ways to see your children before, during or after-school so you can develop a trusting relationship
  • dedicating uninterrupted weekends to your family
  • giving your partner space to decompress after you return home
  • looking at your family as an asset
  • If you are a salesperson, spend your time on the road selling, not chatting up the bartender.
  • Being true to yourself! If you wouldn’t do it at home, don’t do it in the street.

I think the real test of wealth doesn’t just end and begin in your pocket. Take it to the next level and nurture the wealth you have at home.

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