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I knew I was asking for trouble, but….

January 9, 2011

I just couldn’t help it. If you live in Japan, it is common to see the traveling Nationalist trolling the streets and spouting diatribes about the United States of America.

So one day I was in Ikebukuro, about to head to my favorite Chinese restaurant, and I hear thes Nationalists at work. I took a few pictures and then I saw the bait. I saw a stack of their propaganda on the table. There were two guys standing beside the table, it looked like their flyers were free for anyone to take.

Well, a thought struck me, I should take this paper and pay someone to translate it. Whenever I’m with my Japanese friends, they never really tell me exactly what the nationalists are saying. Most of my friends suggest I ignore them. However, it’s difficult to ignore them when they take up the main intersection and are droning on and on about the downfall of American capitalism.

As soon as I snatched the paper up, the two guys in the above picture ran after me. They chased me into the intersection of the street and jumped on my back. I have never been in a fight before and this was quite interesting. For some reason, I felt like I was having an out of body experience. A part of me kept thinking, is this real? Another part of me wondered why no one said anything? Well, one guard was on my back and the other was snatching the paper out of my hand.   Maybe they had something to hide. Who knows? Anyway, I started to hit the one on that was on my back. A few of my bitty punches landed, but they didn’t cause any major damage. Then some big guy in a suit crossed the street and yelled, “Abunai Abuani!” That means danger or dangerous. Either way I’m tussling with the three amigos and all of my things are strewn out into the street.

Other than the suited gentleman, no one said anything. Everyone stood around and watched, even the police I suppose. The police box was just across the street and no one came to help. Hmm….

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  1. January 15, 2011 1:04 AM

    Let me get this straight. Everyone watched while two men beat up a woman?? WTF?? I’m not sure I want to visit Japan after reading this.

    • roadlesswandering permalink*
      January 17, 2011 2:08 PM

      Yep, I wouldn’t let that stop you from visiting, but they take the code of silence to the opposite extreme. I am just guessing, but most people may have felt that I was in the wrong.

  2. John Chew permalink
    March 18, 2011 3:44 AM

    This was such an interesting blog entry. I have to share it.

    • roadlesswandering permalink*
      March 23, 2011 4:15 AM

      Thanks John! I appreciate the support.

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