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Feeding your Soul

January 17, 2011

Almost every Thursday, until December, I had the opportunity to get a little taste of home.  There is a place called CoZmo’s Cafe tucked on the side streets of Shibuya. I’m sure it’s been around for a while and long term residents of the city may say, that ole’ place, but to me I have to say it was home. Was? Because now the open-mic set has ended.  David Whitaker held a weekly set called Love Made Music!  There were plenty of characters to keep the night moving along.  But at the heart of it a core group of music lovers joined together to express themselves and share their spirit through music or spoken word.

Performers to watch out for!

One of my favorite performers is Rhymin’ Gaijin, you can find his videos on youtube!  Rhymin’ has a cleverly crafted rap called, H-O-M-E-S-I-C-K! It’s great! Hope to hear it on his next CD!  There is also Fizz! She’s full of fire and she’s ready to spit pop rhymes with Disney infused themes. I think that’s a segment of the show that has to be watched live. Of course there Kohei, The Outspoken One. Kohei traveled to the U.S. and sang throughout the Streets of New York City.  He has started hosting small events throughout the city. You can find them all on facebook or youtube!

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