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Soul in Tokyo

February 14, 2011

Being a bazillion miles away from home and having the chance to listen to soulful crooners is a rarity.  There is plenty of live music in Tokyo, but all of it isn’t in English.  Then there is Ms. Brenda Vaughn, zipping all across Tokyo by way of the Shinkansen she performs classic RnB and funk tunes that keep you moving in your seat.

I was fortunate enough to hear her perform on her birthday in December 2010.  She played to a full house of young and old.  She was supported by Kaleb James, a long-time Tokyo musician, and Phillip Woo, jazz man extraordinaire.

This was a great birthday bash! Ms. Brenda had the crowd on their feet. She had us hop into a soul train line that would have brought Don Cornelius to shame!  With the recent radio release of her song The Worst is Over! Ms. Brenda can not be beat! Just listen to her new release and tell me if you aren’t wrapped in the magic of her voice.

Next time you are in Tokyo, check out Ms. Brenda Vaughn! She usually performs at the Blues Alley Japan in Meguro.

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