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Sangen-Jaya’s Homemade Park

July 26, 2011

When you walk around Tokyo you constantly see new buildings being built all of the time. One day it’s an old noodle shop and the next it’s a department store.  Well, not in Sangen-jaya Park.  This is clearly a labor of  love. Based on a poor translation, I think they are trying to get NPO status or they have NPO status. Either way they are looking for donations.

These boys are having a great time!

When you get to the park you will see a billboard with this couple on it. The billboard explains the project and why they are doing it.

Yes, I think this “pool” has seen better days!

I think this playhouse more than makes up for the pool.  Look at all the tiny hand prints.

This is the main office. You can see they are functioning out of this small space. I don’t want to show you the inside. I think it’s best if you visit yourself.

Directions to Sangen-jaya Park:

I usually take Hanzomon until it turns into the Den-Entoshi Line. Once you leave the station you will see signs posting the direction of the park. Walk towards Route 246. It’s near there!

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