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A Little Habernero in Tokyo

October 29, 2011

It’s amazing how some restaurants become the “it” spot, while others remain diamonds in the rough.  Luckily, I was with a friend and we were checking out a commercial type Mexican restaurant near my house. I don’t really care for this place, but my friend wanted something that wasn’t Japanese food. Fortunately, the restaurant had a reservation and we weren’t allowed to go in. This lead us to walking the side streets of Yotsuya.  We found two different Mexican restaurants.  One looked a bit grimy, while the Grill Cantina had a pretty festive air about it. So we walked into a little place that served delicious Mexican food at a reasonable price.

Most of the dishes were tapas style so we had tiny servings. I was fine, but my friend needed a bit more which led him to ordering more food off the menu. I had a spicy quesadilla that was packed with haberneros. The peppers were steaming with heat and with a layer of cheese on top they were fantastico!  I also ate enchiladas that were light and tasty.

If you are in Yotsuya your best bet would be to exit the JR line and cross the street. You will see a KFC. Once you are standing in front of KFC walk to the right. Then turn left at the next corner. Just walk down the street until you see a flag or Grill Cantina. It’s not that hard to find.

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