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Jidoriya in Shinbashi

January 1, 2012

Good eatin’!Jidoriya is the best yakitori (grilled chicken) place I have ever been to.  They have a farm where they raise their own chickens. I think that’s why the chicken was so good and juicy.  This year my friend took me on a mini-bonenkai (end of the year party). This place has to be the absolute best!

This name board showed some of the food that was available. The chefs moved the red magnets as they ran out of meat.

Now for the main event…..

Tsukue (ignore my spelling)

Don’t worry about my spelling! What you really need to know is that this is SEASONED ground chicken. It has bits of onions and green pepper in it to make it an absolute delight! You can eat it with egg or without. I have to highlight the seasoned part. A lot of times these restaurants don’t add a lot of seasoning. I know people rave about Japanese food, but most of it is bland to me. This stuff was Gooooood!! You can see the roasted garlic in the background! Yum! I ate all of it. My friend doesn’t care for it as much as I do.

Roasted Garlic with miso paste! You can’t go wrong with garlic!

Gizzards seasoned with lemon zest!

On the left, the tenderest chicken hearts I have ever eaten! I tell you, a lot of times chicken hearts are tough and tiny. These were super moist. I loved every bite! On the right is just chicken breast. It was good, well seasoned and tasty. But I loved the hearts more!

Very friendly staff! He just jumped into our picture! Check out the size of those chicken wings!

Until next time! Thanks Jidoriya!

Directions: Jidoriya Shinbashi

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