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Zakuro – Nippori, Japan

March 19, 2012

Talk about a great time! Zakuro’s is a raucous evening of food, fun, and laughter! I have been there on several occasions and each time I have had food thrown at me! Can you imagine catching a hot roll? Pulling your own meat off the kebab stick? Having food poured directly out of a hot frying pan is only part of the fun!  The owner of Zakuro’s makes you feel like you just walked into their living room and caught them in the middle of a family reunion. There are hookahs! Stuffed alpacas! Garish clothing draped on the walls! Mismatched lamps and chandeliers add a unique touch! This place is to be seen, not read about!

EVERYONE is family! EVERYONE is a part of the act! EVERYONE will have a good time!

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