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Margherita Pagliaccio Kagurazaka, Japan

March 23, 2012

I walked around my neighborhood looking for a new dining experience. I went to three different places and I was politely asked to leave. :-(!

Oh, well! I decided to try Margherita Pagliaccio. I’ve been meaning to try this place anyway :-).

The Meal

Chunky corn soup with an entire bulb of onion!I’m exaggerating a bit, but there were a lot of onions in that soup. I liked it! The broth was thin, but flavorful.

The main event! The dough was a bit salty, but it was very hearty! I loved the different flavored mushrooms. Yum! I added a heavy drizzle of Chinese oil and pepper sauce and it was perfectly spicy. Go with a friend! One pie is enough for two.This tasted great for breakfast!

If you are in Kagurazaka and would like to go, it’s pretty easy to find.

Directions: Iidabashi station – Tozai Line exit B3 – Turn right as you exit the station and walk uphill. I think this is the best way, you will pass lots of tiny restaurants and shops. On your left you will see a temple or shrine, I don’t know the difference.  Anyway, keep walking uphill and then you will see a UFJ bank. Cross the street (jaywalk) or keep walking. Margherita Palicaccio is on the corner.

5-27-2 Kagurazaka Shinjyuku-ku 03-3513-8824

Alternate directions:

Kagurazaka Tozai Line Exit 1

Ushigome Kagurazaka A3

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