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MartiniBurger Kagurazaka, Japan

March 27, 2012

What more can you ask for? Martini’s and Hamburgers? A great combination!  I tried MartiniBurger based off of a recommendation from the Tokyo EatUp Meetup! I’m glad I went. I had a nice time with the group and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. Since I live pretty close, I went back for lunch and on my third trip I took a group of my own!

Chocolate Martini.....yummy it had a nice cherry at the bottom!

Great way to start my meal! I followed this one up with an orange martini. I don’t want to disrespect the chocolate, but I have to admit the orange had a nice, light taste that I enjoyed. I wouldn’t mind trying a mix of chocolate and orange….

NY Egg Cream...coming right up!

I drank one of these on my last visit! I’ve always read stories about old time New York and you always hear them mention the New York Egg Cream. Try it! It’s just goodness!

Very chunky hummus!

I have to say the hummus was a bit garlicky and too chunky for my taste. Normally, that’s a good thing, but for some reason I felt like I was chewing whole garbanzo beans!

Blue Cheese! As the Kernel would say, "Finger Lickin' Good!"

I definitely recommend the chicken wings!

You can have chilli and cheese in Japan!

I have been to so many places where they will let you have the chili, but not the cheese or the cheese, but not the chili! It infuriates me when that happens. Don’t you know that chili and cheese were made for each other? Well, MartiniBurger got it right!

Sauteed onions and bacon with a side of Mac n' Cheese!


This wasn’t my meal, but the last time I went to MartiniBurger I ate the mac ‘n cheese. The side dish has a light taste. It was a great compliment to the burger.

Lasagna with side salad

I am a sucker for lasagna. Even though I don’t have an oven I have made lasagna quite a few times with my toaster oven. So, needless to say I was looking forward to noodles and sauce. The sauce was quite tasty. You could taste the Italian herbs throughout the entire dish. It wasn’t heavy on the cheese. The only problem….the noodles were overcooked. I hate to say it. I have been to MartiniBurger three times already so I will stick with the burgers!

Go! Check it out! Elliot, the owner, is a native New Yorker and who wanted to bring a slice of his past into his present. The prices are reasonable. I suggest sticking with the burgers! The buns are light, fluffy and they don’t overpower the meat. With 200grams of beef gently cooked to perfection you are sure to leave happy!


Tozai Line Kagurazaka exit 2

Turn right. Walk down the hill. You will pass a 7Eleven. Keep going. You will get to the end of the block and just turn right. Keep walking forward until you see the sign!

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